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The Lights of Time Paul Ian Cross

The Lights of Time

A desperate search. A journey through time. A secret connection that outpaces the clock …

The Space-Time Conspiracy Paul Ian Cross

The Space-Time Conspiracy

The past in peril. An army against them. Can she make the decision that could lead to her friend’s demise?

How To Vanquish A Virus

The truth about viruses, vaccines, and more!

Bodies, Brains, & Bogies

All you need to know about the gross, glorious human body!

Morning Light

Can a boy and his robot save the wildlife of Monterey Bay from extinction?

The Secret STEM Squad

The Secret STEM Squad & the Natural History Heist

Introducing The Secret STEM Squad, the ultimate afterschool club for kids aged 8 and up!

A dragonfly on a blue book cover with ASCEND in white lettering


A Journey of Hope and Healing