The Saviour from the Star

A painful past. A perfect present. A future in flux. Engella Rhys fought long and hard to escape her lonely life on the run. But despite multiple trips through time searching for her family, their reunion is ruined by the discovery of a gaping hole in the fabric of reality. And now the only wayContinue reading “The Saviour from the Star”

The Space-Time Conspiracy

The past in peril. An army against them. Can she make the decision that could lead to her friend’s demise? Engella Rhys has hope again. With the clues to her parents’ location within reach, she can’t wait to wind back the clock and return the altered world to normal. But when a hellish horde ofContinue reading “The Space-Time Conspiracy”

The Lights of Time

A desperate search. A journey through time. A secret connection that outpaces the clock… New Shanghai, 2074. Engella Rhys hates the utter isolation of time-travel. After years searching through history for her missing parents, she’s on the run and in the crosshairs of fierce Hunters. But when a surprise attack forces her to jump withoutContinue reading “The Lights of Time”