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Page-turning literary sci-fi that keeps you guessing!

Karen Inglis, Best Selling Children's Author

Would you sacrifice your future to save your past?

Engella Rhys is alone, adrift and on the run. Pursued by a secret agency, known only as the Hunters, she must stay ahead to stay alive.

As she travels through space-time using dangerously experimental technology, she only has one wish: to be reunited with her lost parents. After a close shave with a Hunter on the streets of New Shanghai, Engella escapes to find herself on a deserted beach. When she meets a kind stranger, who offers her food and shelter, Engella feels safe and protected for the first time in years.

But who is this woman? And why did their paths cross at the most convenient of times?

Engella soon discovers their lives are intertwined in more ways than she could ever imagine.

If you’re a fan of science fiction action and adventure, The Lights of Time is the book for you.

Praise for The Lights of Time

‘An adrenalin-filled race through time and space,’ Mai’s Musings

‘There’s action, sci-fi, technology and mystery all wrapped up in this novel and I had a great time reading from the beginning until the end,’ Jessica Rachow, Book Blogger.

‘If time travel is your bag then check out this fabulous young adult novel,’ Louise Wise, Book Blogger

‘Mystery, action, complex world building and amazingly well written characters that bring out the story more,’ says the Jess Bookish Life Blog

‘I can see this being turned into an animated adventure series or film,’ says On the Shelf Reviews

‘A thrilling mixture of searching for the truth, keeping out of evil’s grasp and darting through time,’ Bookworm for Kids Blog

‘Grabbed me as a reader from page one and kept me enthralled right to the last page. A rollicking good read,’ Books are my cwtches

‘Exciting, compelling and magical,’ says Novel Kicks

‘A thrilling science fiction rollercoaster of a ride!’ Writing from the heart blog