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PAUL IAN CROSS, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, is a scientist, writer, author and creative entrepreneur.

With over twenty years’ experience in clinical research, Paul has been involved in the design, set-up or delivery of over a hundred clinical studies, including first-in-human clinical trials in gene and cell therapy and COVID-19 vaccine research.

Paul’s engagement with science extends far beyond his professional research. With a keen focus on education, Paul strives to make STEM subjects—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—accessible and interesting for both children and adults. This educational drive is evident in the compelling STEM content he shares across his social media platforms.

With a solid foundation in biology and a keen interest in health, medicine and nature, Paul’s scientific curiosity also spans technology, environmental sustainability, climate change and space exploration. His fascination with artificial intelligence and the possibility of alien life often finds their way into his science fiction narratives, adding a layer of intrigue to his stories.

Ultimately, Paul’s aim is not just to inform but to inspire, making science approachable and fun for a wider audience, using his writing as a tool to ignite curiosity and a love for learning.

Paul Ian Cross, PhD