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Cyborgs Genes and Tiny Machines

Cyborgs, Genes & Tiny Machines

The Mind-blowing Future of Medicine!

In the future, you could run on robot legs, your doctor could be a computer, you might have tiny machines inside your body to keep you healthy… and you could even live forever!

Take a trip into the future of medicine with this fact-packed, funny and fascinating new book.

Paul Ian Cross, author of How to Vanquish a Virus and Bodies, Brains and Bogies, explains everything from genetic modification, eco-health and virtual reality medicine, to remote surgery by robot and personalised medicine.

These hyper-exciting advances might sound like science fiction – but they’re all being developed by scientists, and some are even being used right now!

This brilliantly informative book, with hilarious, detailed illustrations from Steve Brown, de-mystifies a whole host of upcoming technology and shows how the future of medicine could make the world a brighter place.

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