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The Space-Time Conspiracy Paul Ian Cross

The Space-Time Conspiracy

The past in peril. An army against them. Can she make the decision that could lead to her friend’s demise?

Engella Rhys has hope again. With the clues to her parents’ location within reach, she can’t wait to wind back the clock and return the altered world to normal. But when a hellish horde of Hunters attacks their hideout, her small group of friends are scattered across time.

After Eddie never shows at their rendezvous point, Engella fears he’s been captured. And she faces an impossible choice: risk letting her lifelong quest for her family slip through her fingers, or abandon her friend to a fate worse than death.

Can she save her companion and complete her mission, or has her countdown reached zero?

The Space-Time Conspiracy is the gripping second book in The Chronicles of Engella Rhys YA sci-fi series. If you like daring escapes, mind-blowing reveals, and brain-twisting conundrums, then you’ll love Paul Ian Cross’s thrilling adventure.