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Health Research Explainers: Drug Safety

A Guide for Students, Early Career Researchers, Patients & the Public

Understanding key health research principles can be difficult yet crucial—not just for those conducting studies but also for patients and the public involved as participants.

The Health Research Explainers series breaks down the fundamentals, ethics and best practices of clinical studies into an accessible and insightful guide.

Across eight books, this series explains the research process from first principles through execution and regulation.

Learn the foundations of study design, the importance of public involvement and how to properly conduct clinical trials.

Review safety protocols, data integrity, quality management and the drug development pathway.

With practical advice, real-world examples, explanations of misinformation, and illustrative case studies, this indispensable collection of resources empowers readers to understand clinical research and play an active, informed role.

From first concept to finished product, learn how researchers conduct vital health studies that shape our medical treatments.

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